Couples & Family Counseling


Couples and families who come to me often say they feel stuck, have trouble communicating, and feel disconnected.  I am passionate about working with couples and families and providing opportunities to resolve these unhealthy communication patterns and develop new ways of relating to each other, which will provide a foundation for healing and growth.  I will help you learn the skills you need to get through the stressful times and to repair and deepen your relationship.  

I work with couples and families to change these patterns using a mode of therapy called Emotion-Focused Therapy or EFT.  EFT is a research-based therapy for families and couples and is effective in reducing conflict, changing difficult patterns, and increasing a sense of connection.  Using EFT, families and couples address not just their issues, but the underlying emotions that drive the negative cycle.  Our work together is to change this cycle, improve communication, create more safety and connection, and ultimately a more meaningful relationship.

I believe that couple and family therapy is an essential element in the treatment of eating disorders with adolescents, and equally important for adults.  Having an eating disorder can be a very frightening and distressing experience for any individual.  Family members and loved ones also experience a heightened level of worry and suffering as they see their loved one suffering.  Counseling can provide a safe space to examine communication, emotions within the family system, and relationship patterns that may have been impacted by the eating disorder or enabling the eating disorder behaviors to be maintained.  Families and loved ones are encouraged to work together to support positive changes that will aid in the recovery process and promote continued growth and healing for the entire family.

I offer a free initial consultation.  I would be happy to listen to what’s going on in your life and relationship, and answer any of your questions.