Substance Abuse & Recovery Counseling


If you are struggling with addiction, whether it’s alcohol, prescription medication, sex, food, gambling, street drugs, or any mood-altering substance, you have likely been experiencing the fear and shame of addiction for quite some time.  Perhaps you have been trying to overcome it for years.  Although you may feel lonely and isolated, your illness is not your fault and recovery is possible.  

I specialize in working with individuals who have both substance use disorder and one or more mental health disorders, which is also referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis.  In addition, I have extensive training and experience in assisting individuals  establish long term recovery in both partial hospitalization and outpatient levels of care.  I utilize collaborative techniques such as motivational interviewing that has been shown by research to be effective in helping clients make their own decisions and come to a healthier place based on more effectively utilizing their own strengths and resources.  I will also work with you to teach you coping skills that you can use immediately for relapse prevention while also working with you to reduce the amount of emotional distress you are experiencing in your life.  While my focus in treatment is on cognitive and behavioral changes, I firmly believe that recovery requires a process of understanding the function the addition has served in your life.  I believe that the more you understand the function, the more freedom you will have, ultimately breaking the chains of this addiction.  

Working with the strengths you already possess, it is my goal to help you be able to live a life that is more connected, meaningful, and open to more possibilities and choices.  I welcome you in taking this courageous journey and feel honored to walk alongside you during this time.  Please call or email me to schedule a free initial consultation.